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M&S Philately offer an independent valuation and sales service for anyone wanting to sell individual items or collections. As with any valuation service, charges are dependent on the amount of work required to assess the material. We only charge for the time taken in reviewing the material and preparing the valuation report, and this will depend on factors such as the volume and general quality of the material.

For this reason, we advocate a two phase process – preliminary estimation and formal valuation. The first preliminary estimation phase is free of charge and requires that you provide information about the extent of the material including photographs and/or scanned images. This enables us to asses the volume and make a preliminary assessment of value. At this point, we will advise whether the material warrants a more detailed assessment for report.

The formal valuation phase is subject to charges that will be clearly set out in the preliminary estimation. Should you choose to accept the quotation, we will request a more detailed account of the material and will conduct a detailed assessment for report. Where appropriate, the report will also include advice on appropriate channels for sale of material, including specialist auctions, online auctions and stores. To avoid any conflict of interest, we do not directly purchase any materials that we independently value. This enables us to provide impartial advise and, where appropriate, act as agents for consignment to auction.

Please be assured that we will assist you through the whole process and provide guidance on how best to present the materials for valuation and sales. To request a free preliminary estimation, please provide a high level overview of the materials below and we will then contact you via email to propose next steps.

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